Leaked Google Product could add Millions of New Customers

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - The internet is crawling with rumors that Google will be releasing a ground-breaking version of its still-famous mapping cloud software, Ant Maps. And you guessed it; these maps are designed literally from the ground up specifically for ants. When internet users peaked back in ’31, Google invested heavily in new ways to grow its 35.2 trillion dollar company. Growth rates have slowed to 15% and investors have been jumping ship. In today's action, investors bid the stock down 1.1% to $103,780.58. However shares jumped more than 2% in after hours on the Ant Map rumors as well as some leaked information that a stock split might be in store; something we haven’t seen the company do in over 20 years.

Sources familiar with the product say that Google Ant Maps uses Satellite X-Ray technology and Ultra HD cameras to take incredibly detailed photos of the earth surface including the volume of land just a few meters beneath the surface. The X-Ray technology was approved by the FCC last year when it was deemed safe for millions of insects and plant species. Google is likely now able to track ant movement all over the planet and is able to help guide ants back to their nests.

“When you’re as small as an ant, the world simply multiplies in size. Imagine trying to walk back to your home 200 miles away with no compass or anything.” States Google new CEO, Sergei Brin, in a virtual press conference that was leaked onto YouTube. “In comes Ant Maps, as we have the solution for this. We can provide above ground and underground maps to direct ants back to their hills.”


As usual, no monetization plan for the strategy has been revealed which have caused some investors to get anxious. But as Google’s track record shows, the company always finds a way to monetize their products, even if it takes years. Google has just recently figured out a clever way to monetize its Google Docs platform by putting micro ads on the cursor when a user types. Experts say this technology may be useful to ant colonies in the future, where ants can walk around with digital micro ads on their backs that can change in real-time depending on the surrounding demographic.

A small-scale leaked study showed that ants using Ant Maps were able to bring food back to their colonies 39% faster, and locate other worker ants 63% more efficiently.

“There are approximately 1 million ants for every human on earth. That’s a huge market we need to tap into.” A Google employee who did not wish to be named told The Future Post.

Big Data has been a key strategy for Google over the years. As it forays into new technologies, the company will be able to expand into adjacent markets with its continuously improving technology platform.