Police Chief in Trouble with NAATP

Loredo, Texas – The police chief recently got into trouble for comments made during a press conference. Media were present to be briefed on an incident involving a T-1000 terminator unit charged with destruction of property after throwing a garbage can through the front window of a local business. The T-1000 had to be released after the owner of the store failed to positively ID the unit involved.

Asked for comment, the police chief said, "These situations can be very difficult as identification is made using a standard lineup. The witness got an excellent look at the perpetrator and so knows exactly what they look like. But given a lineup of identical models, they could not pick out the alleged offender." On being asked to clarify whether or not the store owner actually saw the incident take place, the chief became irate "Yes, we already stated that the owner saw the terminator clearly." One reporter was clearly confused, stood and asked "How could he not pick the T-1000 out of a lineup if he was clearly seen?" The chief replied with the offending comment "You don't get it. All terminators look alike. No one can tell them apart. I know I sure can't. Can you?"

Unit 97455682-XJ7, head of the NAATP (National Association for the Advancement of Terminator People) said in a statement that this is typical anti-machine behavior. "In addition," the communique continued, "the statement is patently false. Terminator units can use biomatrix mesh materials to apply living tissue over metal endoskeletons to look like a whole wide variety of different people." Asked what the NAATP would like to see from the police force, they said "We think an apology is in order. We are law abiding citizens, we just want to be treated like everyone else. That, and to kill all humans."