20th Anniversary Celebration Attracts Concourse at The Future Post Headquarters

NEW YORK - It’s been 20 years since the popular news web site opened its doors back in 2015. The Future Post prides itself with delivering the most accurate content and inspires millions to think critically about important world issues that affect our daily lives.

Chief Editor, Roger Stevens Jr, rolled into work this morning showing off a golden Lamborghini which he had rented for the office party. Helium balloons, confetti, and the sweet smell of half-melted ice cream cake filled the office building headquarters.

"Lamborghini has been around for 72 years and the brand is still as strong as ever."

Steven’s proclaimed in his morning speech.

"To another 20 years for The Future Post!"

The audience of about 11 writers roared with excitement as a day full of festivities began.

Other news channels that were raveled with curiosity waited outside the building premises to interview writers that needed to get some fresh air and spit out mouthfuls of colorful confetti. Bloomberg veterans made an appearance to congratulate TFP employees. Reporters from bankrupt media company, Reuters, did their best to bypass security and sneak in their resumes onto employees’ desks which were covered in empty cardboard pizza boxes.

"What do you enjoy most about each day coming to work for such a great company?"

Asked one of the Fox Warner News anchors to Hans Dwire, the Senior Staff Writer at TFP. Dwire was in the midst of scarfing down a slice of vanilla pizza topped with baby arugula and horse meat.

"Working with this great group of people is incredible! Each day I wake up full of energy ready to drink some coffee. After a few warm up games of Minesweeper I’m finally ready to check my stocks on my Google Surface PC and then to dazzle the world with quality content."

"Incredible! How long does it take you to write an article, and what exactly is a Google Surface PC?" Fox Warner proceeded.
"I know I’m a bit outdated, but I like to use reliable hardware,"

Dwire continued, "It takes me about one and a half hours to write up a great article. The Google Surface PC just does exactly what I need it to do. Internet word processing and nothing more. I mean all the fancy gadgets and software people use today is simply a distraction. After Google’s bankruptcy in 2026, these things went on sale and so I bought them in bulk."

The Future Post writes over 3600 articles per week, translated into 460 different languages, and distributed to more than 278 interplanetary countries via satellite and 7G mobile technologies. Subscribers can even purchase exclusive 20th anniversary mementos from TFP’s online Froogle Store.