You Won’t Believe How Much This Painting Just Sold For

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – A David Barbar painting has sold for $684 million (USD) in an auction held at Ottawa’s National Art Centre in Canada’s national capital region. The word entitled “Untitled, (Yellow Line on a Black Canvas)” measures 1.2 meters by 0.9 meters and was completed in 2004 by the legendary artist.

The painting was once owned by Jean Coutu, a billionaire pharmacist from Montreal, according to sources from Bloomsberg.

“The prowess displayed in this magnificent piece of art is truly remarkable and unmatched by modern craftsmanship”, states the NAC’s web site.

The painting took Barbar three years to finish and gained its reverence and its value after Barbar was trounced by an elephant on an inspirational trip to India.

“Yellow Line” was the lone piece of artwork sold at the auction. It was sought after by abstract art connoisseurs and was estimated to sell for $120 million (USD). However, it eventually went for more than five times this amount after Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris couldn't resist the awe and astonishment of the painting.

What’s even more impressive is the artist’s use of golden triangles and Fibonacci sequences in the underlying architecture of the design. The contrasting shades, flawless filtering, and even the 4 by 3 width to height ratio, make the painting irresistible to collectors.