Tesla’s Ticket-Avoidance Systems No Match for Gatineau Police

GATINEAU, QUÉBEC – After 20 years of refinement in the fields of self-driving technology and ticket avoidance systems, Tesla’s Model S still has a difficult time not getting a ticket in Gatineau, Québec. The problem persists mainly for Ontario drivers who work on the Gatineau side or travel there for pleasure; perhaps to enjoy some time at the Casino Du Lac-Leamy. However, Ontarioyos lose more than just their shirts at the casino – they are also ticketed through the nose by Gatineau police for their driving. Even with Tesla’s self-driving car, which is able to navigate flawlessly with a 100% safety record while following every rule in the book, the autonomous vehicle still can’t spend a day in Québec without getting a ticket.

With regards to parking, Tesla has tried everything from blasting the windshield sprayers and frantically waving the wipers to autonomously driving away in order to avoid a ticket. Still, Gatineau police are able to find a way to issue a fine. One slightly more effective method uses Tesla’s un-patented Liquid Metal Transformation technology which is able to not only scramble license plate numbers, but also to change from an Ontario to a Québec plate. This had a noticeable difference with version 17.1 of the software, but Gatineau police quickly caught on to the tactic.

Ticketing has been virtually eliminated throughout Canada except in Quebec where it remains the provinces main source of income.