Ottawa Police Crack Down with New Fine on Drivers who don’t have enough Snow Brushes in Car

It just takes thirty seconds to put 3 snow brushes in your car, but many Canadian drivers start their days with one or none.

In Ottawa, the crime of not having at least 3 snow brushes in your car carries a hefty $210 fine. Despite the threat, one local police officer is taking the matter into his own hands.

Const. Char Newline of the OPD pulled over 89 cars in less than 15 minutes on Sunday morning. He gave a warning and handed out snow brushes, topping up people’s cars to 3 each. Next time there will be fines.

That’s one snow brush for each hand and a backup one in case one breaks. Or if you have two friends in the car, each person gets a snow brush to help clear snow more efficiently.

Newline decided to help drivers clean off their cars. People had to get out of their cars in the middle of the road and demonstrate a strong degree of snowbrush utilization. One driver, who was still in his pyjamas had a snow brush in each hand and one in his mouth. Newline decided to let him pass without a ticket. He held up traffic until each and every driver learned their 3 brush lesson.