Nintendo Announces 6th Generation Wii Console

Nintendo announced the brand new Nintendo Wii U Mii All Us Tôut to include everyone, even Quebec, in its latest innovative gaming console experience. The 6th generation Wii gaming platform will feature an energy beam staff that can transform into hundreds of different forms to be used directly in games. Rumors suggest that the internal name for the new scepter may be the Wii Rod. A host of angry fans argued on social media that it should be called the Wii Stick as the name sounds better. The Wii Rod looks like a classic 1st generation Wii Remote, but sports a powerful laser capable of generating hologram light beams that can take the shape of pre-defined 3-dimentional objects. A sword, a tennis racket, a basketball, and a laser gun; these were some of the fancy Wii Rod demos that could be seen in the images released by the company.

The Tôut has also generated some hype around processor speed and graphics capabilities. Nintendo has finally caught up to Microsoft’s 7th generation Xbox processor speed from 8 years ago. However Microsoft plans to release The Xbox Pi9 which can generate 16 exaflops of graphics processing power, has a terabit ethernet connection for each virtual controller, and currently is backed by a data center that is 25 times the strength of the amount of computing power there was in the world in 2015.

Nevertheless, Nintendo has a few tricks up its sleeve. Experts say that Nintendo is planning to launch the next instalment in the Super Smash Bros. series as one of the Tôut’s launch games. Megafans are crossing their fingers that this time round, SSBT will include famous old-school characters such as the long awaited Geno or Mallow from Super Mario RPG:SGS. The game’s creator, Masahiro Sakurai has been toying with fans for years by holding back on and including these heavily anticipated characters. Fans from the Smashed Potatoes forum have questioned how characters such as “Leaf” from the game Plankton and “Poppedeye” from the latest Pokémon Bluish/Reddish series have made it into the series first. This time round, rumours are swirling that Sakurai has hinted that the Super Mario RPG characters have less than a 1% chance of being brought to life in the new game. Gamers will receive a free Mr. Game & Watch plush toy (rumble pak included) with every purchase of the limited edition semi-translucent Tôut + SSBT exclusive bundle.

After all said and done, Nintendo’s last quarterly report did not impress investors in the least. The company reported a $600 million loss – the firm’s 82nd consecutive loss over $500M. Nintendo apologized profusely to its Japanese investors and promised to innovate more aggressively with the Tôut.