New Gun Tracker Powered by Bullet Energy

Just when people thought that innovation at Silicon Valley had peaked, BAM!, another mind-blowing idea hits reality - and this time very literally. New tracking devices have been invented by the geniuses at Kablamo Inc. that can track and control (to a limited extend) guns. The challenge arose when it became clear that solar-rechargeable batteries were too bulky to be attached to guns. Bullet accuracy across the country had dropped 94% as a result of reflective material blinding gun users.

However, the new Kablamo P0W Battery aims to mend the problems of the past. The battery is smaller than a bullet and can fit in almost any type of gun, allowing for the same versatile movement as if there was no battery present. The tracking device outputs the location of the gun at all times. In order to pull the trigger, not only does the safety have to be off, but the central Kablamo Server needs to receive an active signal from the device. Without an active signal, pulling the trigger will have no effect.

Furthermore, if the P0W's battery dies completely, it will safely lock up gun, rendering it unusable until it is re-synced with the Kablamo Server over the secure Gun User Network. This is a big step up from the previous models which caused the gun to self destruct, causing harm to bystanders within a 3 meter radius.

One of the major scientific obstacles that Kablamo Inc has solved, is how the P0W maintains its long-lasting battery life. By removing the large solar panels from the old design, the P0W could be shrunk down in size and would no longer require sunlight to keep the gun from self-destructing. P0W uses a small portion of the force exerted when firing a bullet in order to recharge its battery. Thus the battery rarely needs to be replaced and can last 10's of years in a row. If the P0W runs low, users simply need to fire a few bullets to recharge the battery back to full power.

Kablamo is also launching an iOS and Android app for purchasing ammo credits. Even if the gun is fully loaded, customers won't be able to fire another bullet unless they have ammo credits in their accounts.

In after hours trading, Kablamo Inc. stock shot up 39% after the company increased its guidance and sales forecasts.