Inception Movie Prequel Takes Dream Sharing to Whole New Level

Inception Zero which stars the younger versions of the original inception cast including Leo DiCaprio and Ellen Paige, hit Rifts everywhere this weekend and raked in a global 11000 GBE (gold bar equivalents) in revenue at the Tesseract Office.

The revenue translates almost 100% into profits for the big mediatech companies as no actors were hired in the making of this film. The incredible CGI (Cloud Generated Images), film direction, and production was dreamed up and carried out by IBM’s Watson using a Christopher Nolan simulation. Watson is effectively able to write an orderly script and then scramble chunks of data by flipping the power switch on and off at Watson’s data-centers.

The Internet Movie CloudBase (IMCB) categorizes the genre as drama, action & adventure, mystery & suspense, thriller, horror, complexity, science fiction, and fantasy, which will put Inception Zero in a position to win a broad number of Grouchy awards.

Moldy Tomatoes rates it 8.9/10 citing that the film was “only twice as complex” as the first Inception movie.

Halted Stones marveled - “Watson’s acting is at an all-time best!***