Hyundai Recalls All of its Cars and Crushes Them

It all started when a driver by the name of Franz Lummsden was driving home from work late one evening in his Hyundai Sonata when a moose jumped onto the road and completely totaled the car. Surprisingly enough, the moose limped away from the accident while Lummsden was rushed to the hospital. As it turns out, Lummsden made a good recovery. He called up his insurance company, explained to them the story, and to his astonishment he was immediately paid out the full MSRP price of the car without question. He shared his story on Twitter and Facesoft, which quickly ballooned into a frenzy.

Moose did him a favor - it was a Hyundai.

The line rung through Twitter and was quickly picked up by headline news. Many came to the obvious conclusion that the insurance company felt bad for Lummsden, and now most of the internet was feeling the same way. It was unfortunate, not that Lummsden had been in an accident with a moose, but rather that he was driving a Hyundai in the first place.

"In this day and age, how could someone still be driving a Hyundai? Get rid of it. It moose't be done!"

"The gas powered car with probably the worst acceleration of any sedan. Getting a Hyundai on top of a hill would be the 9th wonder of the world."

"Who cares about the car; the moose was probably having a mental breakdown."

Meanwhile in South Korea, something must have sparked a debate at the Hyundai headquarters. CEO Chung Mong-Un, must have received word of the Twitter complaints when he announced a recall on every Hyundai ever produced.

"Today we will make sure a moose never complains about another Hyundai," He announced.

While his statement almost broke Twitter, Hyundai is now in the midst of recalling and crushing all of its cars, and selling the metal for scraps. Competitors aren't exactly sure what to make of this strategy, especially since once again, Hyundai proclaimed record profits.