He Died For Us

He would have been 37 this year, nearing the end of the natural lifespan of a silverbacked gorilla but there was nothing natural about his death – the day Harambe was brutally murdered and one day after his birthday. Certainly, Harambe didn't wish for this – no one would have. When Harambe awoke on May 28th 2016, he didn't know a three year old boy would fall over a fence into his habitat; he didn't know this day would be his last; he didn't know the little value his species had. 2 other gorillas went back inside when the boy fell but not Harambe. Harambe with his inquisitive mind investigated and found a potential new playmate, but today wasn't the day to make freinds. The friendship that could have lasted a lifetime was cut short, with a single unsuspecting blast.

Harambe may be gone but he is not forgotten. He has become a symbol for the speciesism movement which rages fiercely throughout the world. May 28, 2036 was the 20th anniversary of Harambe's death. And a reminder of the important speciesism question. This issue has moved to the forefront ever since the perfection of the telepathy communicator in 2035, which has allowed for canine communication.

Libby Albright, the proud and prominent golden retriever held a rally in Central Park, New York over three months ago regarding speciesism. As reported, notable chimps at the rally refused to add their comments – likely in protest. Chimps and humans have had an uneasy relationship since the death of Harambe but there are signs that tensions may be easing.

Central Park has erected a statue for Harambe, a monolith of sorts, in tribute of that beautiful silver backed gorilla. Harambe took a shot so that humanity didn't have to. Many used this as a moment to reflect. In fact, former President and current Secretary General of the Cooperating Nations (CN), Barack Obama and the late Hilary Clinton were founders of the speciesism movement. The two are seen sharing a warm embrace during a 2016 memorial service for Harambe – they credited their passion for speciesism to Harambe.

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The statue for Harambe was opened today, and many hope it will bridge us from our dark past to a brighter future. We reached Libby Albright through holo and she added – regarding speciesism: "with the first link, the chain is forged. The first species is censured, the first sign of bigotry appears, the first time a species is allowed to die for the sake of another, it chains us all inevitably, irrevocably." Libby added "those were the words uttered by Judge Aaron Satie as wisdom and warning. The first time any species' freedom is trodden on, we're all damaged. I fear that today."