Canadian Pipeline Company has no Explanation after 54 Mile Pipeline goes Missing

EDMONTON, ALBERTA - The pipeline industry has received its share of criticism in the past, despite its efficient transportation abilities. However, in an absurd frenzy of confusion, TronsCanada Inc. announced this morning that it has lost 54 miles of its KobbleStone Pipeline overnight. The pipeline simply disappeared from existence.

I’ve heard of vanishing trains, vanishing islands – but never a vanishing pipeline! - Bernie Metcalfe, Head of TronsCanada Inc. PR

Satellite imagery shows the pipeline completely intact, and then 1 hour later – gone. Spokesperson for the company Bernie Metcalfe said that the utility firm is “looking everywhere” for it and “hasn’t found the 285,000 foot pipeline.”

A group of highly paid specialists are meeting in downtown Edmonton to discuss theories on where the pipeline could be, and ways to track it down. There are no location sensors or GPS monitors on the pipeline, since it is fixed to the ground and pipelines do not move. The team has quite the challenge lying ahead.