Back to the Future?

Scientists have been speculating that a temporal rift has been created in space time which has disrupted the space time continuum. The United Nations is coordinating efforts to study the Alcubierre Drive. The theory suggests that spaceships can travel faster than light. Until last year the Alcubierre Drive was only talked about by science fiction fans who have speculated that it could allow time travel to be possible. Some argue the technology has been developed by TRUMP Company (Trump Research United Majestic Projects) company which has become one of the largest companies by market value. The Future Post reached out to TRUMP Co. but they did not respond to our Holos.

The CEO of TRUMP is Donald Trump Jr., the 57 year old business magnate and son of disgraced businessman and the late Donald Trump. Donald Jr. said the motivation was to create a business that contributes positively to the world and to restore credibility and honour to the Trump name. Donald Sr. was disgraced during the 2016 election known as "Smuggle Gate" after he attempted to smuggle Mexicans across the border and bully non-trump voters to stay home and not vote. The plan was thwarted and Trump was jailed for electoral fraud. Donald Sr. had stated in his memoirs that he did not think people would suspect he of all people to be working with Mexicans.

Donald Jr. has been attempting to develop this technology which some speculate, if used incorrectly can have an effect on space-time. US President David Freeman from the Capital in Washington DC has stated that despite the possible positive outcomes, that all research has to stop while the United Nations examine the ethics regarding space-time and possible time travel research.